In the past few years, the culture of Korea has gained a lot of fame and popularity in different countries in the world. The wave of the culture of Korea which is getting spread in a number of other nations can be reflected just by the word Korean Wave itself. In order to seek the complete advantage of this kind of culture, the government of Korea began to take the complete advantage of this kind of situation. With this they also started to aid the media related industries set up in Korea.
This was done by them for the purpose of exporting their pop culture in a number of other nations. This kind of Korean wave which had spread in Korea had a great impact on the economy of the nation as well. Further it led to the intensification of the image of Korea in front of entire world. In this research paper, Korean wave as a soft power will be discussed and analyzed. The Korean wave may be determined as the time when the Korean culture begins to gather more and more influence in a number of countries which were situated in eastern part of India.
After the spread in the eastern part of India, it recently aggravated into the nation such as United States, Latin American countries, the nation from the Middle East and some of the parts of the Europe. The Korean wave is something which clearly depicts the fame of the Korean culture. A number of Korean based publications have also revealed the same. Slowly, the Korean culture began to be so famous that each and every country in the world began to have the impact of Korean culture.