本文主要讲述的是揭示因果关系的研究,一项旨在揭示因果关系的研究被称为因果比较。这个分析并不是在两组人之间进行的。它不是研究两个变量之间的统计关系,而是试图特别地确定相同的环境是如何影响众多群体的。因果比较研究是建立在比较的基础上的。在因果比较分析中,研究的是两个或两个以上的群体,而不是关注他们之间的关系。与往常一样,使用统计检验以清晰的表示方法综合原始信息(Oakshott, 2006)。本篇assignment代写文章由英国论文人EducationRen教育网整理,供大家参考阅读。

A research that intends to reveal a cause and effect relationship is known as causal-comparative. This analysis isn’t carried out between the two groups on one other. Instead of looking at the statistical relation between two variants, it attempts to identify, specially, how the same circumstance is affecting the numerous groups. Causal-comparative research is based on ‘comparison.’ In causal-comparative analysis two or more groups are studied while not centring on their relation. As usual the utilization of statistical examinations is used to synthesize the raw information in a clear presentation method (Oakshott, 2006).
Although questions might be asked on the different research forms, experimental research is carried out specifically by a theory. At times, experimental research may involve many theories. A theory is a statement to be disproved or proven. As soon as the statement is made, the experiments start to check out the reality of the statement. This kind of research is most sciences’ bedrock, specifically the natural sciences. If natural sciences, like biology, are some topic one is interested in, one can easily use quantitative analysis as it can be utilized to support in explaining all kinds of situation. The best quantitative research collects precise pragmatic data and can be utilized to have a better comprehension of many study fields. Now that one has compiled his research work, it is the time to begin the writing wok i.e. after conducting quantitative analysis (Racino, 1999).
From the analysis we can conclude that the type of research used by people to gain an insight into an issue, problem or any theory to observe its quality deeply is qualitative research. While another type of research, known as quantitative research, is basically concerned with the variables that are objectively measurable. Qualitative research is totally different from it on the following grounds. Both have its own use, advantages and methods and one can use the same as per its research interest and requirements.