The innate patriarchal notions in the society and hegemonic masculinity prevent the women from gaining funding or resources when they want to go into business. The women try to enter into the business using only their own ability and resources, and this causes them to delay in procuring the funding. This leads to the women face a lot of issues in maintaining of the resources (Bruni, Gherardi, & Poggio, 2004). In the current times there are a number of successful women entrepreneurs and effective role models. However the issue of role models in the individuals’ culture continues to remain. In the strong patriarchal societies, there are generally no role models for the women to have a systematic development in their business endeavors.
Women also expect to succeed at everything they try. They do not understand the implicit ideology that they can fail in spite of having the best ideas or being qualified. Women try to handle their jobs and all the duties of the house leading to potential conflict of interest for the women (Bruni, Gherardi & Poggio, 2004).
Time management and communication is one quality that women need to address. They are not able to manage the time owing to the numerous responsibilities they undertake. There is the innate fear of success that the women continue to have apprehensions. These factors must be addressed by the women.
The women who choose to develop their businesses are still considered to have defied the personal norms or the normative ideologies of the communities. These are found to create more issues than solutions for the women in the communities. The women continue to take an ambivalent stand and feel a sense of shame for not looking to follow the social conventions. They assume that they are isolated from the society and these create more issues for the women to function. They lose their focus in this process.
Being relatively new into this field the women try to continually question their activities. They seem to take an ambivalent stand towards all the issues. This act of taking an ambivalent stand and assuming that the people will not aide them in times of need makes the women constantly question their ideas and activities. This sense of lack of confidence leads the societies to be even more apprehensive of the efforts taken by the women. These leads to more issues than solutions (Bruni, Gherardi & Poggio, 2004).
All these suggest that the role of women entrepreneurship is still an emerging concept in the economy and more changes are needed in this world.