但是,在分析特性时,针对这个音频文件,可能无法进行完整的分析,因为文件很短。然而,一般来说,一些困难的声音也可能受到个体特征的影响,而且不仅需要成为CE系统的一个元素(Adams et al., 1998)。例如,作家使一个错误和喊错这个词“这”或/“ðɪs /所有的时间,“但在这个词”,“它的意思是“继续演讲。事实上,即使在说话者的同一篇演讲中,“this”这个词的发音也不一样,即使发音错误,也缺乏连贯性。一种非音段的性质或言语的一部分,可以表示为一个以上音段的性质(语调或重音),称为超音段。在音系学中,超音段也被称为非音段。超述可能是指语言学中的那些要素,如音高、持续时间等(Ogden, 2009)。这通常是那些方面,可以称为音乐方面的发言。超prasegmental的意思是它们是元音和辅音上的函数。超音段特征是重要的理解不仅仅是说的意思,但是也需要了解的态度,演讲者的姿态和更多的言论。它对于识别标记也很有用,比如一些话语如何形成一个延续或一个析取。
他们不被认为是有形的音素和辅音(奥格登,2009)。音准是一种超切分的韵律,音准的表现形式会有音高的变化、一些个人的态度等。语调被认为是英语语篇中较为系统的一种方式(Tench, 2015)。在给定的音频文件中,语调可以说是平淡的风格。在平实文体中,讲话简单直接,也被称为低文体。在超音段特征的分析,它已被确定在研究中国英语的人可能会使用更多的英语片段替换(附录1)。在那里他们在说一些挑战部分正确,中文的用户可能会利用替代英文部分。这个声音可以用他们母语中类似的声音来代替。在研究这些替换时,我们将有可能理解为什么要选择某种替换,为什么起始段不同,辅音群,以及转换的作用。例如,考虑一下这段话:“这是一个非常豪华的德国汽车品牌。当豪车公司第一次来到中国的时候,“这里,有一句话汽车品牌。这家汽车公司似乎被低估了,一些声音似乎被取代了。


However, in the analysis of characteristics, in specific to this audio file, a complete analysis might not be possible as the file is quite short.Yet, in general, it is noted that some difficult sounds might also be affected by individual characteristics and need not only be an element of the CE system (Adams et al., 1998). For instance, the writer makes an error and mispronounces the word ‘this’ or /’ðɪs/all the time as “but in this words” and “this it means” as a continuation in speech. The word ‘this’ is in fact pronounced differently even within the same speech of the speaker, there is a lack of consistency even in the mispronunciation.A non-segmental property or a part of speech that would be presented as the property (intonation or stress) of more than one of the sound segment is called a suprasegment. The suprasegment is also referred in phonology as the non-segment. Suprasegment might refer to those elements in linguistics such as that of pitch, duration etc (Ogden, 2009). It is usually those aspects that can be called the musical aspects in the speech. The suprasegmental means that they are functions over the vowels and the consonants. Suprasegmentals are important to understand not just the meaning of what is spoken, but also are needed to understand what the attitude, speaker stance and more towards the speech is. It is also useful for identifying markers, as in how some utterances form a continuation or a disjunction.
They are not considered to be as tangible as phonemes and consonants (Ogden, 2009). Intonation is a prosody of the suprasegmental and intonation will be represented in the form of a changing vocal pitch, some personal attitude and more. Intonation is considered as a more systematic fashion in the English Discourse (Tench, 2015). In the given audio file, intonation can be said to be in the plain style. In the plain style, the speech is just simple and straightforward and it is also called as being in the low style. In the context of analyzing for suprasegmentals, it has been identified in research that Chinese English speakers might end up using more substitutions for English segments (Appendix 1). Where they are challenged in speaking some segments correctly, the Chinese language user might end up making use of a substitute segment in English. The sound might be substituted with a similar sound in their native tongue. In examining these substitutions, it will be possible to understand why a certain choice of substitution was made, why onset segment differs, the clusters of consonants, and the role of transfers. For instance, consider the paragraph where the speaker states “It’s a very luxury car brand from German. When the luxury car company first come to China” here, there are words car brand. And the car company are seen to be downplayed and some sounds seem substituted.