Strengths of an organization refer to the positive attributes of the organization and employees which can favor alignment with existing market principles and simultaneously achieve objectives. In terms of change management, the strengths of an organization can help endure the drastic impacts of change. Weaknesses in an organization signify the loopholes which need to be corrected. The weakness of an organization can vary depending on the nature of business, employee behavior and similar things.
However, analyzing the weaknesses provides the platform to scout possible remedies for the weaknesses, impact of the drawbacks on change management and methods to derive alternatives to solve the issues presented by the weaknesses to change management (Kuipers et al., 2014). Opportunities are the favorable prospects which the organization can use to its advantage during change management while threats are the negative facets which can cause failure of change implementation. The combined analysis of these four factors is termed as SWOT analysis which is essential for presenting a significant impression of the feasibility of change management process. The SWOT analysis of FedEx mentioned below will help in determining the organization’s adaptability to the changes in IT infrastructure (Goetsch & Davis, 2014).
Strengths of FedEx include the global presence of the brand. The company has a credible market share in the domain of air cargo supply services. FedEx is also credited for providing the most efficient service with a notable distinction in providing services on time in 99% of orders. FedEx also holds the distinction of facilitating the tracking of products in transit. FedEx doesn’t involve in any subsidiary channels for customer engagement and serves as a one stop shop for all delivery orders.