essay 代寫-澳航管理的四個步驟

本文主要講澳航管理的四個步驟,人力資源團隊使員工具備足夠的教育和資格,以確保滿足業務需求(Elbadri, 2010)。個人發展主要有三個方面:人類技能、動機和專業技能。這種發展使每一個員工都成為企業工作中不可或缺的一部分。澳洲航空公司的人力資源開發部門必須確保工作的開展是基於“強員工獲取利益,弱員工導致不良影響”的理念。因此,人力資源開發的關鍵任務之一就是建立強大的員工隊伍,使企業更加強大。本篇essay 代寫文章由英國論文人EducationRen教育網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

The HR team makes staff members capable with adequate education and qualifications to ensure that business requirements are fulfilled (Elbadri, 2010). The personal development would be in three main ways: human skills, motivation and professional skills. This kind of development makes every employee turn into an integral element of the business working. The HRD department of Qantas has to make sure that the work is carried out on the idea that strong workers fetch benefits and the weak workers lead to bad impacts. Therefore one of the key tasks of HRD is to build strong employees and make the business stronger.
As per the principles of HRD (human resource development), there has to be a complex framework of compensating, motivating and developing of employees. The company’s huge amount of funding is done towards the growth and development of its staff members. Therefore, each and every worker becomes highly valuable for Qantas (Qantas, 2016).
For the personnel development of employees, the manager of Qantas carry out four major steps such as:
Needs assessment: assessing the requirements of employees as per need-hierarchy model by Maslow.
Design: designing the HR strategies as per the needs assessed.
Implementation: Application of the strategy designed by the HR department.
Evaluation: Assessing the strategy and its effects.
Australia is one of the countries where lots of changes have been there in the workplaces. Both political parties have to be provided with credentials for attainment of different kinds of betterments in micro-level and macro level. In the past 20 years, there has been a support of unions which prevailed in the nation. By this support, there had been a formation of labour market which helps in undertaking different social reforms and economic reforms (Higham and Fysh, 2002). These reforms have brought lots of flexibility to the labour market. As per the management of Qantas, there has been a focus on building new relations with its 31,000 staff members. This new relationship building shows engagement, common goals and overcoming the traditional strategies to win and lose situations.