essay 代寫:寶馬的使用體驗

essay 代寫:寶馬的使用體驗
“上層自由主義者”包括具有社區意識、善於接納的專家,以及在90年代取得成功的家庭。絕大多數是suv、沃爾沃和薩博家族。對於上層自由主義者來說,寶馬從X5開始。這是一輛SUV,該組織喜歡將其命名為“體育活動機動車輛”,以吸引人們對這次聚會充滿活力的生活方式的興趣。 “後現代主義者”是像模型師、商業夢想家和專家這樣的成功先驅。他們非常個人主義,傾向於像敞篷車和敞篷跑車這樣的令人目眩神迷的車型。 “上保守派”是富裕的傳統知識分子。他們從來沒有從駕駛寶馬這樣充滿活力的汽車中得到過這樣的靈感,他們考慮的是過度消費和駕駛舒適性。他們通常會購買奔馳s級和捷豹,而他們在品味和精緻的進步。這家公司知道在全球範圍內銷售商品的邏輯,因此基於消費者行為研究,它為客戶提供他們所需要的服務。

essay 代寫:寶馬的使用體驗

Upper liberals” involves communally conscious, receptive experts and the families who had success in the decade of 90s. They were overwhelmingly SUVs, Volvos, and Saabs driving families. For upper liberals, BMW started with the X5. This is an SUV that the organization likes to name a “sports activity motor vehicle,” in an offer to interest this present gathering’s dynamic way of life.“Post-moderns” are high-winning pioneers like modellers, business visionaries and experts. They are remarkably individualistic and incline towards head-turners such as the convertibles and roadsters. “Upper conservative” are well off and conventional intellectuals. They’ve never been that inspired by driving energetic autos like BMWs, and consider over-spending and comfort over driving implementation. They would ordinarily procure the Mercedes S-class and Jaguars while they make progress towards tastefulness and refinement.This company knows the logic of marketing the goods all over the globe and therefore based on the consumer behaviour study it serves the clients as per their requirements.
It chooses to sell to clients who have high living standards and can buy luxury goods. The attitudes of these buyers are studied. The business lays stress on the premium buyers all over the world. The affluent clients are targeted with three to seven series of BMWs. It has been able to manage the worldwide marketing technique by integration of emotional marketing rationales which transforms synergistically to handle its leadership existence in auto making business. In Korea, this company provides the pre-manufactured vehicles to the students and professors for additional studies in the vehicles’ techniques.This implies that by giving quality facilities to its clientele, the BMWCompany will play a part in fresh and fruitful territories to develop the trade. An additional critical point in the vision was that BMW Group will make noticeable investment in upcoming advances, new motor vehicle designs and top driving systems.