reference 格式:人力资源业务伙伴

reference 格式:人力资源业务伙伴

根据业务伙伴模型,人力资源业务伙伴需要执行四个任务——管理专家、员工冠军、战略参与者和变更代理(Sandholtz & Burrows, 2016)。然而,在大多数情况下,组织内部的定义并不明确,这导致了模型应用的失败。以雪山酒店集团为例,人力资源经理的主要职责是与一线经理紧密合作,并就员工待遇问题提供战略观点。然而,对于成为行政专家或员工拥护者没有任何解释。因此,可以说,对HR业务伙伴定义的混淆,有时会导致模型失效。这意味着在一个组织的背景下,关注人力资源业务伙伴的所有四个特征是很重要的。
因此,应用业务伙伴模型可能会提高业务绩效的效率,但可能无法成为员工的拥护者或管理专家。主要原因是使用将在本组织内使用的中央服务中心。共享服务中心是指通过一个服务中心完成从管理员工到为客户提供福利等行政工作的服务中心。在这里,人力资源人员紧密合作,以解决整个组织内的人力资源管理问题。Bratton & Gold(2012)认为,在一个地方完成所有的行政任务,对于改善行政工作是有效的,尤其是对公司可能遇到的战略问题的关注。

reference 格式:人力资源业务伙伴

As per the business partner model, a HR business partner needs to carry out four tasks-administrative expert, employee champion, and strategic player and change agent (Sandholtz & Burrows, 2016). However, in most of the cases, the definition is not clear within organisations which lead to the failure of the application of the model. In case of Snow Mountain Hotel group, the main function outlined for the HR managers is to work closely with the line managers and tend to provide strategic view regarding the treatment of employees. However, there is no explanation of being an administrative expert or employee champion. Therefore, it can be said that the confusion over the definition of HR business partners sometimes leads to ineffectiveness of the model. It means that within an organisational context, it is important to focus on all the four characteristics of HR business partners.
Therefore, applying business partner model, it might increase the efficiency in business performance, but might not be able to be an employee champion or administrative expert. The main reason is the use of centralised service centres that will be used in the organisation. Shared service centres refer to a service centre where administrative work from managing employees to providing benefits to customers is done via one service centre. Here, HR staffs work closely with each other in order to solve human resource management problem within the entire organisation. According to Bratton & Gold (2012), completing all administrative tasks within a single place is effective in improving the administrative works, especially the focus on strategic issues that a company may suffer from.