research paper 代写:国外投资

research paper 代写:国外投资


research paper 代写:国外投资

The world’s attractive investment location is United States. The flow of Foreign Direct investment is routed to Untied States. Around $2.9 trillion received by United States through Foreign Direct Investment. There was a decrease of inflows during 2013 and 2014 that was downed the United States to third place, just behind the China. However, the United States still remains top choice for global investment.Out of total FDI, Eighty percent of foreign direct investment captured eighty countries which include United Kingdom, Japan, Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland, and France. The rest of FDI represent from other 170 countries. Netherlands ranked as largest foreign investor for the year 2014. Manufacture sector accounted for more than one third of the foreign direct investment. For the year 2015, the FDI inflow for the United States accounted as $384 billion and is almost top at global level.Infrastructure is strong pillar for the economy of United States as well as at global level. The deterioration of infrastructure will have cascading effect on the national economy and consequently it will impact on business productivity, gross domestic product, employment, international competitiveness, personal income etc.
If it so, surely it will impact on foreign direct investment and subsequently decline will be noticed with the part of FDI. Mergers and Amalgamations will also play greater role on the decline of foreign director investment. In case of failure of low transportation costs, reliable delivery of clean water as well as electricity, naturally the business costs will be increased that will impact on US economy. The business costs not limited and these will be extended to other areas and will be adversely affected on imports and exports. If such low standard infrastructure continues surely, there will great loss to the national economy. The personal income will be reduced due to the factors like rising of costs, fall of productivity, low level GDP etc. Ultimately, the spending levels for consumer goods will become lower that will directly impact on business. Such consequences will lead to low levels of foreign direct investment in the United States. The existing interest rates of U.S Treasury Bonds are very low comparatively with other financial instruments.