swot analysis 代写-中国与东南亚国家的南海问题

本文主要讲中国与东南亚国家的南海问题,2013年3月,中国派出了四艘船只,并在一架飞机的掩护下,在距离马来西亚海岸和南中国海最南端约50英里的詹姆斯浅滩(James Shoal)海域附近执行任务。这是在2012年马中防务安全磋商期间发生的。菲律宾还试图通过东盟、东盟地区论坛等制度和规范的可靠性和对美国实施外部软平衡战略两种手段来维持与中国的不对称关系。1995年,当美济礁被发现有中国占领时,美济礁签署了一项关于行为准则原则的双边协定。本篇swot analysis 代写文章由英国论文人EducationRen教育网整理,供大家参考阅读。

In March 2013, China had sent four ships which were backed by an aircraft near the area of James Shoal, an area around 50 miles from Malaysian coast and the southernmost point of the South Chna Swa. This was done in spite of the Malaysia-China defence and Security Consultation in 2012. The Philippines has also tried to maintain its asymmetric relationship with China through two means including the reliability on the institutions and norms such as ASEAN, ARF etc. and implementing the external soft-balancing strategies with the US. In 1995, when it was observed that there was a Chinese occupation on Mischief reef, it signed a bilateral agreement on principle of code of conduct.
Under the same, it seeks for a more satisfactory resolution to the occupation of China. After this, there were a number of confidence building measures, security and protection for fisheries and environmental protection. Also, Philippines proposed the ASEAN nations to turn the region of South China Sea in an area where there is a complete peace.
Vietnam, on the other hand, always had worst relations with China. It is a nation which is under the maximum pressure from China with respect to the disputes and has led to the mobilization of a largest array of strategies for the issue of power asymmetry.
Thus, China and South East Asian nations have always in the situation of mild disputes over the areas of South China Sea. There had been situation of peace while addressing the disputes there had been many situations of tensions over the disputes. In this report, the region of South East China and the tensions and the problems in this region are analyzed in detail. Further, the reasons for the dispute have been understood and the chain of events which took place after 1970-1980 are looked upon. The contradictions and the problems on South China Sea between China and Southeast Asian nations have been reciprocated in the report.