在現實中,另一種方法被發現比動物實驗要便宜。玻璃測試的成本約為1.1萬美元,低於動物實驗的2.1萬美元。照片毒性試驗的成本約為1300美元,與動物實驗的1萬美元相比微不足道(Cochrane, Garner & O ‘Sullivan, 2016)。這表明,動物試驗過程中涉及的初始費用是可以避免或減少的。這將使包括企業在內的所有相關人員受益。生產的許多藥物使人們獲得了高質量的生活。這是無可辯駁的。然而,這些藥物仍然被用於美容目的。對這些動物進行測試,看它們是否有任何可能的反應。它們是用化妝品中的活性成分處理的(Johnson, 2015)。這是為無聊的活動,並沒有幫助任何人提高他們的生活質量,除了動物遇到酷刑。


In reality the alternative practices are found to be lesser expensive than the animal experimentations. Glass testing costs around $11,000 that is lesser than $21,000 for an animal experimentation. Photo toxicity tests cost around $1,300 that is meagre when compared to the $10,000 for animal based testing (Cochrane, Garner & O’Sullivan, 2016). These show that the initial expenses involved in the process of animal testing can be avoided or reduced. These would lead to the benefit of all the people involved including the businesses.Many of the drugs that are produced have enabled the people to gain quality of life. This cannot be refuted. However the drugs continue to be used for cosmetic purposes. The animals are tested to see for any possible reaction. They are treated with the active ingredient in the cosmetics (Johnson, 2015). This is for frivolous activity and does not help anyone improve their quality of life apart from the animals encountering torture.
The argument that the drugs are for life saving purposes is not always true. Hence there are the issues that these drugs are merely used for commercial business venture. The animals are found to be the victim in this situation for corporate greed. Under the same of life-saving a number of unwanted procedures are used to test on animals. The results are not consistent and the costs incurred are higher in this process. Apart from this for the corporate sustenance the animals are tested. There is a blanketed homogenous approach that is undertaken to torture animals for frivolous activity. There is a need for other forms of inventions. These standpoints are argued in the following section.Many members of the scientific community insist that animal testing aids in the well being of all the people. However there can be development of other innovative technology. The main argument made by the proponents for animal testing is that there are no other mechanisms to test the options.