本文的主要内容讲策略的鲁棒性,因此,结果的确定可以很容易地用经济学家观点的形式来描述,这些观点表明了在某些游戏形式之间的区别,这些游戏形式被描述为显示了适当的不确定性结构。因此,感觉的前景可以被描述为提供适当的干预结构(Hitt, 2011)。这种增强可以很容易地用利率的形式来描述,而利率的实现则用结构的形式来表示,这表明视图的增强和供应链绩效在本质上是不可预测的。本篇essay代写文章由英国论文人EducationRen教育网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Therefore, the determination of the outcomes can be easily depicted in the form of the economists’ views that show the distinction that occurs between the certain forms of the games which are depicted to show the appropriate structure of the uncertainty. Thereby, the prospect of the sense can be depicted to provide the appropriate structure of the intervention (Hitt, 2011). The enhancement can be easily depicted in the form of the rate of the interest which is implemented in the form of the structure that shows the enhancement of the views and the supply chain performance can be indicated to be inherently unpredictable in nature.
Therefore, the safety mechanism can be depicted for the process of reconciling the unpredictable, and the chaotic situation and also the mechanism is depicted to be unpredictable in nature which depicts the unforeseen events. Therefore, the clear understanding can be easily depicted and thereby the clear understanding can be represented and also the protection of the unforeseen events can be depicted (Priem and Swink, 2012). When the disruption is faced, the establishment of the robust supply chain strategy is depicted, and thereby it enables the firm to deploy the association of the contingency plan, and thereby the structure seems to be enabled by showing the robustness in the supply chain management of the firm and it also enables the increment of the resilience.
The robust strategy consists of the following properties and thereby the robust strategy is indicated to sustain its operation during the time of the major disruptions (Ketchen Jr. And Hult, 2011). The robust strategy is also indicated for the management of the firm which is depicted to be fluctuating the regular structures in an efficient way and thereby the under the normal circumstances can be covered in an appropriate way. The robust strategies seem to enable the deployment of the corresponding contingency plans that enable the occurring of the disruptions, and also this company achieves the fewer values which indicate the exposure to the risks and also it enables the expansion of the issues that indicates the expansion of the system (Weele, 2015).