本文主要讲创业营销,创业营销是一种营销精神,它使企业从传统的营销实践中转移注意力。有许多基本的营销原则,使更大的公司开发一个系统的方法在竞争中维持(阿姆斯特朗等,2012年)。在企业营销方面,独特的和非正统的营销实践相结合,使企业能够获得潜在消费者的关注和赞助。在竞争中,每家公司都运用了许多营销技巧(Armstrong et al., 2012)。由于许多公司采用创新技术的一个这样的公司,耐克是分析如下。本篇essay代写文章由英国论文人EducationRen教育网整理,供大家参考阅读。

Entrepreneurial marketing is about the marketing spirit that enables the businesses to shift focus from the conventional marketing practices. There are many fundamental principles of marketing that enables larger corporations to develop a systematic approach in sustaining in the competition (Armstrong et al., 2012). In the case of entrepreneurial marketing, there is a combination of unique and unorthodox marketing practices that enable the firms to gain the attention and patronage of the potential consumers. There are a number of techniques of marketing that each company deploys to sustain in the competition (Armstrong et al., 2012). Since a number of companies adopt innovative techniques to one such company, Nike is analyzed in the following.
Nike is a company that has always been creative and it focuses on the innovation. The company has been able to produce continual innovative products. In this process the company in an effort to stand out had incorporated technology into its product design. The company had focused on increasing consumer interaction by using the social media portals. They develop unique product range and service deliverable that are unconventional and also meets the consumer requirements. The dimension that Nike had focused on is the innovation by factoring in the market trends. They have interacted with the consumers to develop a diverse range of products that are considered to be mandatory requirements after the launch of the products. They had formed strategic alliances with Facebook and Apple Inc. in the past to develop unique product range. The 4Cs (cost, communication, convenience and consumer) have largely implied that the company is one the right track. The implication of the marketing mix has largely been positive.
To conclude, Nike is a company that has survived in the markets primarily owing to its innovative product and marketing line.