essay 代寫-如何進行定性研究

essay 代寫-如何進行定性研究
它還包括那些與她/他互動的人的看法,學校的環境,外部存在的成分,與其他不同類型的校長的比較,以及許多其他重要的量化變量。很多時候,案例研究被稱為“人種學案例研究”。一般來說,它被稱為一個更全面的研究,基本上集中在一個人或一群人,正如上面的例子所解釋的(Field, 2009)。沒有必要把個案研究的重點放在人身上。然而,要查看一個案例研究,可以執行一個程序來觀察它如何實現預期的結果。例如,教育部可以安排案例研究來了解它在不同層次上組織的各種項目的發展情況(Wisniewski,2010)。

essay 代寫-如何進行定性研究

In some of the cases, qualitative research is carried out through interviews, such as listening to someone recounting an incident that happened in the past. The incident can be any wartime experience or any other event happened in the past. When qualitative research is done in the form of an interview, open-ended questions are asked by an interviewer and the answers of the participants are simply recorded. Many other issues arise including the personal bias one. For example, the reaction of the researcher to the responses of the subject can either encourage or discourage the dialogue in a particular direction. Also the researcher has to be very careful about the questions he is asking. He should not ask leading questions.A case-study is defined as an in-depth analysis of people, events and relationships which is bounded by some unifying factor. This can be understood by a simple example of principal leadership in middle schools. Some of the important aspects include the principal’s behaviours and views on leadership.
It also includes the perceptions of those people who are involved in interaction with her/him, the school context, constituents that are present outside, comparison to other different type of principals, and many other quantitative variables of significance. Many times it is seen that a case study is labelled as “ethnographic case study”. Generally, it is referred to as a more comprehensive study which is basically focused on a person or a bunch of people as was explained in the above example (Field, 2009).It is not necessary for the case-studies to be focused on people. However, to look at a case study a program can be conducted to observe how it accomplishes its expected results. For example, the Department of Education can arrange case study to understand the development done by various programs organised by it at different levels.(Wisniewski,2010)The various advantages of carrying out quantitative researches with help of various examples are explained in the proceeding section.