1834年,亚伯拉罕·林肯(Abraham Lincoln)在这一行苦苦挣扎之后,成功地竞选伊利诺伊州议会辉格党(Whig)代表,并在伊利诺斯州众议院(Illinois House of Representatives)连任四届。1846年,他还当选为美国众议院议员。1854年,他成为建立新共和党的领袖。在他政治生涯的开始,林肯支持银行的经济现代化和为铁路和公路等项目提供资金的保护性关税。他坚持支持国内经济和相关方面的意识形态,而不是过多地关注自由化(Lincoln 2014)。他的思想集中在民族主义、平等权利、自由和民主的原则上。他强烈谴责当时社会上盛行的奴隶制。他的基本思想是维护联邦的主权。


Born on 1st February 1809 in Hardin County, Kentucky, Lincoln had one brother and one sister. His father was a farmer. As they were suffering due to laws that were unfavorable the family moved to Perry County, Indiana where the family worked hard. Abraham was self educated as there was no school nearby, but he was an avid reader and had read many books in his teenage.In his teens, Abraham took the responsibility of earning for the household. Apart from being strong and athletic, he was adept in using axe. After his family left Indiana for Illinois, Abraham left his family. He married Mary Todd in 1842. He was father of four children. Before becoming president, Abraham used to run a general store. Since the business was struggling and kick started his career in Politics, he also served as postmaster and Surveyor at New Salem. He also became lawyer through self study.
After struggling in the business in 1834, Abraham Lincoln successfully contested for the Illinois General Assembly as Whig representative and served four successive terms at the Illinois House of Representatives. In 1846, he also elected to US House of Representatives. In 1854, he became the leader in building the new Republican Party. At the start of his political career, Lincoln favored economic modernization in Banking and protective tariff for funding projects like rail and roads. He continued on his ideology of supporting the internal economy and related aspects rather than focusing much on liberalization (Lincoln 2014). His ideas were focused on principles of nationalism, equal rights, liberty and democracy. He strongly condemned slavery that was prevalent in the society at that time. His basic idea was to preserve the sovereignty of Union.