杜西奥·迪·布尼塞尼亚(意大利语,中世纪晚期)的作品被选为讨论的作品之一,陈列在博物馆的624号房间。此外,他还有一幅名画,名叫《圣母与圣子》。1300,这是在蛋彩画和黄金面板(2004年442)。第二幅著名的作品是拉斐尔(Raffaello Sanzio或Santi)(意大利语,文艺复兴时期的鼎盛时期),它在609室,圣母和圣子与圣人坐在一起,大约1504年是这幅画的名字,这幅画是用油画和金色画板做成的(16.30ab)。讨论将是关于几乎有着相似名字的画作的变化。本文的目的是在研究色彩的使用和脸部绘画的方向的同时,能够突出同一主题的不同绘画中所使用的变化。对这些绘画作了简要的说明,并分析了它们与绘画的具体时期的关系。最后,本文构建了一个框架,旨在批判性地分析两位不同艺术家对同一主题所采用的视角,以及他们的观点在表达人类形态时是如何具有强烈的差异性的。
杜西奥开创了把麦当娜和孩子作为重要考虑对象的传统,也开创了艺术家们从不同角度看待这个问题的趋势。杜乔还认为《圣母与圣婴》是当时最有影响力的艺术家之一,也就是13和14世纪的作品。艺术家是意大利艺术家杜西奥·迪·博尼塞尼亚。他所画的这幅画一直贯穿于西方艺术史的研究之中。麦当娜和孩子有重要价值的创新风格和宗教题材和相信的描述将会有利于年龄是艺术学生可以获得显著的知识通过它(杜乔迪博尼塞尼亚| |麦当娜和孩子见面)。杜西奥的这部作品在一个世纪前才得到认可,在大约50年前才向学者开放。与这位艺术家的其他作品相比,麦当娜被认为是更为亲密和虔诚的形象(布洛克207)。从图1可以看出,这幅画关注的是人与人之间的爱与情感,以及人与人之间关系的人格化。


Duccio di Buoninsegna’s (Italian, Late Medieval) work, which is in Room 624 of the Museum, has been selected as one of the works to be discussed. To add to his credentials there is the famous painting by the name of Madonna and Child, c.1300, which has been done in Tempera and gold on panel (2004 442). The second famous work is of Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio or Santi) (Italian, High Renaissance) which is in Room 609 and Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints, ca. 1504 is the name of the painting which has been done in Oil and gold on Panel (16.30ab). The discussion will be about variation in the paintings that have almost similar names. It is aimed that the essay is able to highlight the variations used in the different paintings on the same subject while studying the use of colours and the directions of painting the faces. A brief explanation of the paintings and their association with the specific period in which they were painted has also been analysed. Finally, the essay builds a framework that aims at critically analysing the perspective adopted by two different artists about the same subject and how their viewpoints have a strong dissimilarity while articulating human form.
Duccio has been responsible for initiating the tradition of taking Madonna and Child as an important subject of consideration and it has been responsible to initiate a trend among artists to view it from a variety of angles. Duccio also suggests that Madonna and Child was the art work of one of the most influential artists of those times i.e. 13th and 14th century. The artist was Duccio di Buoninsegna who was an Italian artist. This image painted by him has been throughout the historical studies of western art. Madonna and Child holds significant value in terms of the innovations in style and religious subjects and it is believed that the description given would be beneficial for the ages to come as art students can gain significant knowledge through it (Duccio Di Buoninsegna | Madonna and Child | The Met). This work by Duccio has only been acknowledged since one century and was made available to scholars only around 50 years back. In comparison to other works of this artist, Madonna is considered to be more intimate and devotional image (Bullock 207). As can be seen in Image 1, the painting is focused on the love and affection and the personification of relationship that humans form with each other.