在这个传奇故事中,HIH董事会在做什么?这个导演责任放弃本身的最大原因是因HIH但同时董事会公司破产引发的失败应该体谅…支付一定程度的尊重持有高级管理经验,这样他们对该公司将开发一种责任感(因HIH破产公司破产引发2001)。从HIH的失败可以看出,董事会的失职导致了公司的失败。所有这些都从公司的业务灾难中清除了,正如在程序部分中所解释的(Thavabalan 2003)。首先,英国业务的建立没有考虑董事会的任何考虑,以检查其兼容性,因为没有证据表明董事会参加了任何会议。其次,对美国业务的收购没有经过任何尽职调查,导致公司损失6.2亿美元。这些描述了董事会在履行推动业务发展的职责时的疏忽(Allan 2006)。
因此,当这一传奇正在上演时,董事会正忙于放弃他们的职责,采用糟糕的工作和会计标准。因此,责任和问责是由董事在收购过程中表现出来的。高级管理层和董事会缺乏对战略的清晰表述是HIH失败的主要原因之一。这表现在个别董事无法表达公司的政策。由于缺乏对公司后续政策的审查,分析业务决议和评估HIH和管理的执行情况变得困难(Codina 2009)。这一点从英国创业的不同实例中可以明显看出——没有制定或讨论b计划。同样,对FAI的收购也没有进行尽职调查。所有这些都很重要,因为公司战略必须由董事会考虑和制定。这不仅需要编写报告文件。


What was HIH Board doing during the Saga?This renunciation of directorial responsibility itself was the biggest reason for the failure of HIH but at the same time board should be considerate about paying a certain degree of respect towards the experience holding senior management so that they will develop a sense of responsibility towards the company (HIH Bankruptcy 2001). From HIH’s failure, it was clear that it was negligence of duty by board of directors which led to company’s failure. All these were cleared from the business disaster done by the company as explained in the proceeding section (Thavabalan 2003). Firstly, UK operations was established by not taking any consideration from the board to check its compatibility as there is no evidence of participation of board in any of the meetings. Secondly, acquisition of US business was done without any due diligence which in turn caused huge losses of $620 million for the company. These depicted the negligence of board of directors to carry out their responsibilities to move business forward (Allan 2006).
So, Board was busy in giving up their duties and adopting poor working and accounting standards while this saga was going on. So, responsibility and accountability was shown by the directors during acquisitions. The lack of strategy articulation by senior management and board of director was one of the main reasons for the failure of HIH. This was displayed by the individual directors and their inability to express the company’s policy. The analysis of business resolutions and evaluation of the execution of HIH and management was made difficult due to lack of presence for reviewing of the subsequent policy of the company (Codina 2009). This was clear from various instances as during UK business starting- no B-plan was developed or discussed. Similarly, no due diligence was done to acquire FAI. All these were important as company strategy must be considered and developed by the Board. This required more than mere formulation of the report document.